About us

PP Gemstones Mining and Exporting (PTY) LTD is a company started by Mr Pitsoyagae Matebesi who has acquired a solid knowledge and experience in precious and semi- precious stones for more than 4 years. The company is established with the intention of formalizing the operations of mining precious and semi-precious stones.

The nature and activities of business operations is rough gemstones (also known as precious and semi- precious stones) mining, cutting, importing and exporting. We have mines in South Africa (Eastern Cape Province) were we mine and cut stones in preparation for exporting the minerals. We also have mines in other SADC African Countries were we mine gemstones.

The Company was started from humble beginnings by Mr Pitsoyagae Matebesi from the comfort of his house and has grown in strides and straws to become one of the highly recognized companies in the mining and exporting business of precious and semi-precious stones. PP Gemstones is currently exporting precious and semi-precious stones to Asian, European and American continent.

Our main goal is to showcase the rich African land and what it can produce. We want to portray to other neighboring continents the beauty and rich Africa heritage. As we do that we create jobs and entrepreneurs to a lot of sons and daughters of Africa thereby improving the lives of many. By the Pure Grace of the Lord we have managed to reach some hidden treasures of precious and semi-precious stones and create value for money out of them and touching lives.

In the long term we aspire to hold gemstone exhibitions and conferences in Africa thereby attracting more foreign manufactures to invest in African gemstones and reach out to a lot of companies in other continents.

Our process

Our Journey starts from the mines in Africa where dedicated miners work extra hard to come out with the Gemstones.

Some of the stones in Africa before 1st grading process.

We do a 1st Grading in Africa to make sure we only bring the best to South Africa. It is then ready to load onto the truck to South Africa ( Midrand Branch).

The truck then arrives from Africa and offloading begins.

The newly arrived stock is then ready for 2nd grading to bring out the best quality stones.

The graded stones are then cut to make sure that the stones sent to our loyal clients are of the highest quality.

The stones are then packaged and readied for export. Once the stones are ready they are then loaded into a container which is then loaded onto a truck and taken to be exported.